04/16/2023 in Accountant

Welcome to the Whitt Accounting & Advisory Blog

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Thank you for navigating to the blog! As an intro, I must warn you that I author pretty much all of the content that I will be sharing here. While some of this content has been subjected to the scrutiny of an editor, most of what you read will be editor-free. (This is a start-up and I have a tight budget!) While I am reasonably confident that my subjects and verbs agree, I make no promises beyond that. If you see glaring typos or syntax errors, I am fine with you pointing those out so long as you aren’t mean about it!

Having said that, if someone else’s work on a particular topic is better than mine and I have permission to share it, then I will post it here and give credit where credit is due.

I do try to update this page often for new tax legislation and other tidbits that I think will be of interest to you. If you have any content suggestions, I am always open to fresh ideas. And, if I am not the subject matter expert, then I will find someone who is. Again, thank you for visiting – I hope you find this content interesting and informative.